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 asking about allods

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Postasking about allods

so which server DESTINY guild playing? i intend to join one
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asking about allods :: Comments

Re: asking about allods
Post on Thu Feb 18, 2010 1:32 am by Shekk
I thought we ragequit when they introduced the -25 to stats death penalty that goes up to 40 min in higher levels and which can be avoided by buying stuff from item mall... thats what most of the players in RU/US version did... i still need confirmation that that 'feature' is in EU version too, i have the client patched but i'm not going to play that way, especially since hosting is done by GPotato :)
Re: asking about allods
Post on Thu Feb 18, 2010 6:09 am by WarMir
Quote :
A message from our Producer

Dear Sarnautians,

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived!

are very excited at gPotato.eu, to begin Open Beta and finally grant
access to all Europeans players without restriction to this amazing

During the Closed Beta Test, you have discussed the “Fear of Death”.
I wanted to remind you that we are aware of it, and that we do read and report your concerns and suggestions about it.

We are now in Open Beta, and the Fear of Death is here.

We regularly discuss this with the developer (Astrum Nival) as well as many other important topics.

Online aims to have global mechanisms worldwide. Of course we will fine
tune and adjust some as required per manners of play. However, right
now, the Fear of Death will not be altered in the short term.

Please do continue discussing about it as we collect and analyse your feedback.

It mean i will not play Allods till till FoD will be there. As far i know noone from DESTINY is playing Allods atm.
Re: asking about allods
Post on Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:35 am by Shekk
There are actually people who are pro-death penalty and are more than willing to do the good work of the mods/admins going around forums trolling with 'just pay and support the game' and 'well, don't die then lol'... that makes so much noise and starts enough flamestorms that devs can sit back and reap the stupid-tax with an excuse that the user base is 'divided on the issue'.

So don't hold your breath for it happening any time soon^^ And gpotato hosts a dozen titles and each has evolved into a niche masochist game, with a small paying user base, but they more than make up by cutting costs on quality of service Razz

So, Allods, its been good knowing you...
Re: asking about allods
Post on Thu Feb 18, 2010 2:34 pm by WarMir
They will not not remove FoD cuz they focked their Item Mall, there are no pets, mounts ets.... this is what make money...
Not -25 Debuff
Re: asking about allods
Post on Thu Feb 18, 2010 3:43 pm by Shekk
Lol yeah i saw they made the item mall free the last day of closed beta, all there was in it were more slots backpack some really fugly looking costumes, gambling chests and elixirs that are conceived as crack cocaine i presume :P As if they planned the game to be p2p and had no ideas for item mall so they made last minute changes to make it hard and uncomfortable so the f2p mafia would host their game and sell snake oil.
Re: asking about allods
Post on Thu Mar 18, 2010 9:24 am by Fest
Warmir Im lvl40 now . and die about 10+ times a day . not a single $ spent in this game till now . FoD is not the problem atm . plz recheck the game .
Re: asking about allods
Post on Thu Mar 18, 2010 10:14 am by WarMir
As far i know path will kill Allods for free players and later patch is
like a control shot to make sure that all free players quit. So enjoy
while u can .

Quote :
"Alex VAO Says:
March 4th, 2010 at 3:20 am

Hi everybody!

am one of russian beta-testers of AO. So please forgive my bad English,
I had no pactice in it for about 10 years.

I surfed the WWW
and ran into this blog. Looks like no one here have REAL knowledge about
things happening in russian AO.

And those things are really
You know that Perfume price lowered from 5 roubles to 2 in
patch But it’s just a visible part of an iceberg.
this cheaping, Mail.ru (real owner of the game, Astrum Nival was bought
by them in December 2009) did something to increase it’s expenditure
Patronage has now points. 30 points for one unit of Perfume. 1
point = 1 minute. You can not just activate it by perfume, you can now
stack it over up to level number times: some people told they’ve seen
one 40-level warrior under 40 “smokes”. Demigod. Unkillable. There is a
full raid (24 players) needed to kill him without any garantee. Just one
more donate-born disbalance.
Patronage gives you extra char points
(about 60 on level 40). Those are given to you when you activate the
patronage with a Perfume and you can add it to any characteristic you
wish. Points are taken off when a patronage ends.
Also they added a
new skills given to player according to the patronage level.
level gives the skill which fully regenerates your health and
mana/stamina for 10 seconds in rest or full mana for 20 seconds in
battle. It consumes 1 patronage point! Yeah, minus 1 minute of patronage
for one skill use.
2nd level gives instant regen of mana/energy and
consumes 10 patronage points.
3rd level gives instant health regen –
10 patronage points.
4th level (a mistery… there’s rumors that there
is an Astral island called Argus where you can start the quest chain for
getting this 4th level. There’s legends about players who saw that
island) – gives skill that instantly removes any Control effect from
you. Also 10 points. Psionics are now just a meat for 4-patr person.

calculate. No more 30 minutes for Perfume bit. Cast, cast, cast – and
it is gone.
When we looked at patch-note 07.7 we asked ourselves –
why do we need a 1st-level patronage skill? We all have skills to regen
mana. That’s simple – after this patch all the mana users HAVE NO
mana-regen skills! If you cast spells – you have to “smoke”. Only
psionics still have their “battle trance”, but the cool-down time of
this trance is now 3.5 minutes. And the Empathic Gift (we call it
“pouring”) is decreased in 7-10 times. Psionic can’t now pour all the
party with full mana each cast, then sit in battle trance, and pour
again, as it was before. Pour-pour-pour-trance-pour-pour-pour and
finish. No mana for healers, tanks die, casters die.
We, mana users,
are FORCED to “smoke” because we cannot play without mana-regen.

the patch that brought a FoD (on russian “strakh smerti”, we abbreviate
it to SS – quite a simbol, eh?) the gamers community initiated a
petition to eliminate this debuff. That petition had a result – after
07.7 the length of SS became 1h46m on level 40. 2 times increase.

80% of “old guardians” – fans of Allods series since ‘98 – have already
left the game. After patch 07.7 gamers initiated a 7-days boycott of
the game. It did not help.

Astral that amased you so much is dead
now. No one sails there because there is no reason to sail. Astral
monsters are divided on 2 classes: one is so weak that it is just a
source of astral emanations, and the others is so strong that you have
no chance to kill them, and in fact there is no hope to flee if it saw
your ship.
Monsters on astral islands became too strong. A
full-violet crew (that obtained their armor in “days before SS”) wipes
out on most “thrash” mobs, not even a bosses.

Official forum of
the game now is like a forum of KGB of soviet times. Those who complain
are banned. Those who say anything bad about Astrum Nival or Mail.ru –
are banned. Those who tell something “in allods this works bad because
…, and in works good because …” – are banned. You can be banned even if
you say a word “WoW” or “Aion” – I’m not joking, things happened!

number of players online is decreased since December for about 4-5
times. My guild has about 70 40-level players, and 50 of them whom I did
not see for about a month. Nearly half of those who are still in the
game really do not play – they just sit in chat with friends, do daily
quests for gold (in a hope of “better times”). “Full-violets” and
“semi-violets” walks into heroic adventures out of habit (“green-blue’s”
have no chances in these “heroics”, monsters are too strong for them).
It’s real pain in my heart: the game based on my favorite game universe,
a potential masterpiece of game industry, is dying. As it happens with
any game having misfortune to fall into the dirty hands of Mail.ru."

I am back in AO.
Re: asking about allods
Post on Fri Mar 19, 2010 10:12 am by Shekk
You still lamenting over that misfortunate piece of IP ? Some birds never fly...
Re: asking about allods
Post on Fri Mar 19, 2010 10:49 am by Xs
- get 10 people who play the game for your own group!
- get 20 people for your own section
- get 30 for leaders group and leaders section

there on in depending on the requests and whats happening in the leaders section the VIP group and hidden area's will start popping up ...

those aren't exact figures .. but some I just remember ... if I disagree in the future just remind me of this post and I'll do the needful ...

Does that answer the actual question?
Re: asking about allods
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asking about allods

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