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 Allods online

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Almost Noob
Almost Noob

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PostAllods online

Since i really think this game could worth smth:


Quote from their web-page:

"We’re excited to welcome all of you to the world of Allods! Allods is
created by Astrum Nival, developer of Heroes of Might & Magic V and
Rage of Mages, spanning a series of games over 11 years. With a budget
of $12 million and 4 years spent in development, Allods sets a
milestone in the world of MMORPGs."

Atm, global version of this game waits to get in CB (no date yet but "soon" xD) but russian OB (with russian client ofc) is on from 15th 10 2009 if you want to check it before it goes global.

I did that already, downloaded that russian client, tried it a lil and it (IMO) looks/feels rly nice.

Your opinions?


Boss ganking:


Cheers, hf!

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Allods online :: Comments

Re: Allods online
Post on Sat Feb 06, 2010 6:39 am by WarMir

Alexnt wrote:
Come to think of it, it’s not the Item Shop itself, but
rather the atmosphere around the latest updates in Russian OBT which
causes so much disappointment among the players there.
The perception of “being milked for money” is really very strong there.
Here’s a small account of the events during the last month:

DEVS: Hey guys, sup? We have this new cool patch for ya all. You will now be able to buy RUBIES from the ITEM SHOP! \o/
DEVS: Hm. Ok, we’ve reconsidered about the Rubies… But now all messages to the Zone Chat are for RL cash!!!
PLAYERS: o_O You must be kidding.
DEVS: Not at all. This is done “to prevent senseless spam”, we are acting in your best interest!
PLAYERS: Yeah, sure…

*1 week passes*
PLAYERS: Everywhere’s silent! It feels like singleplayer! How are we supposed to find a party for minibosses FFS!!??
DEVS: Oh, don’t whine. We’re increasing the radius of regular talk
(white) from 20m to 100m {a mage can typically shoot to 40m, if
anyone’s interested}
DEVS: … also, you can now buy Ancient Chests from the ITEM SHOP, in which you can find RUBIES!!! \o/ \o/ \o/

*somewhat later*
DEVS: We have a New Year’s Eve content patch for you, including 2
lame quests, several imbalanced items and a couple of stupid minigames.
PLAYERS: Did you, by any chance, happen to fix the xxx and yyy critical bugs?
DEVS: Um… no. But! We have the new cool ‘Fear of Death’ feature. Now
when you die, not only you have to wait in the Purgatory, but you will
also recieve a debuff, which will make you completely useless for up to
52 minutes!!! Of course, you can always get rid of it by pouring more
cash into our ITEM SHOP!!!
PLAYERS: Yeah….. *haha, idiots! Using astral sphere teleporters removes the debuff free of charge*

*one day later*
DEVS: We have an extra urgent, super-important mega-hotfix!
PLAYERS: \o/ Bugs xxx and yyy fixed?
DEVS: No! But the Fear of Death will no longer be removed by using the
astral sphere teleporters! A-a-and it will persist between logouts, so
that not a second of your precious Fear of Death is now wasted if you
log off for an hour. Allow us to remind you, that you can use our great
ITEM SHOP to be not afraid of Death for a whole 1/2 hour for a meager
PLAYERS: We hate you.
DEVS: Also, now you can only have one treasure chest per day, unless you visit our ITEM SHOP.

To summarise. Take every whine from Russian OBT players with a grain
of salt. They are very angry at the company’s pricing methods atm.

*Ruby is a kind of skill point
Re: Allods online
Post on Sat Feb 06, 2010 7:41 am by [GM]Invoker
haha thats so funny
seems like Gpotatoe is even worse than acclaim Shocked
Re: Allods online
Post on Sat Feb 06, 2010 10:46 am by -Miep-
yeah, sounds the same for me...way more shitty as acclaim ever was^^
Re: Allods online
Post on Tue Mar 02, 2010 1:45 pm by Fest
LVL 23 Psi there . there will be long before they approve to follow the original makers ( Russian servers ) . The FoD ( fear of death aka 25% debuff ) is on test for original servers . i dont think that will happen to this game we are playing atm .
btw . my Id on allods is : Zehel class : psi 23
Re: Allods online
Post on Tue Mar 02, 2010 1:50 pm by WarMir
nah man i got lvl 37 Mage, We got 3 Astral Ships in CB .... it was FUN, why ?
Because there was awesome Group PvP, around 24 You should get to "Holy Lands" from where start PK (with shitty flagsystem) maps....
GL in fight ;P with -25 debuff(FoD)

ps. And at all ppl with i played explored almoust all content awaliable, it mean that They killed alomoust everyone Boss in Astral...

ps2. If they will remove FoD i may be back :S
Re: Allods online
Post on Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:36 am by WarMir
Furthermore there is somewhere article about Nival and their politics about Allods Online...
Conclusion was that there is no more content as We saw in CB because main programmers left after fusion...
So lvl 40 is max and Astral is not so Big, and propably will not be...sadly.
Re: Allods online
Post on Mon Mar 08, 2010 5:01 am by Fest
Im now 31 . and FoD at 40 , is 51 min . 51x60=3060 . you will need 3060 myrrh . each stack of 1000 myrrh is 1g 16s . so means you will need 3.48 to get rid of it at lvl 40 .
for those who think that 3.48 is a lot . you can get 20g in 1 hour farming . so FoD is nothing . and about the cash shop item . You can get it from a quest in 20 min running . and its 20c on CS . so if you feel you want to save your time use CS or not , do just like i do . farm . Dieing Is WAY more cheaper than JD . and PVP is way more FUN than JD . you actually need to think , plan and be fast for counters not Just Run-Shield-obscura and everyone drops dead . and 1 more thing . unlike JD , allods is not a LVL up race . you can get to 40 in 20 days . or 8 days of Gameplay . so you will start to have fun in about 8 days . and till now there is no milking in this game nor the Russian patch . ( they added the myrrh thing on OB i think )
Re: Allods online
Post on Mon Mar 08, 2010 5:01 am by Fest
and Warmir im hoping to see a DESTINY Guild in there . just hoping .
Re: Allods online
Post on Mon Mar 08, 2010 5:12 am by Romanian Long
Psionic is a great class due to mental link and in pvp mental twin  is great^^ u only to spam first skill until u get instant cast on mental link O.O and about farming gold  it's easy to do that since for gear u need to farm reputation => making grind => making money and flag system rocks war -.- Allods is a nice game but it's like playing Wow without many features , some classes are unbalanced at cap lvl ^^ you'll see .And thing with rep kinda sux bcuz it makes game to easy ^^. Crafting also sux bcuz u don't see maths like herbs or stuff like that u see sparks >.< if u like it game is enjoyable as long as u stick to grind when pvp starts u'll get some nice 5 vs 1 pvp^^ . (psionic can't be beaten 1 vs 1^^ warmir knows >.<)
Re: Allods online
Post on Thu Mar 18, 2010 10:26 am by WarMir
Fest wrote:
and Warmir im hoping to see a DESTINY Guild in there . just hoping .

Just make DESTINY there, well see...
Re: Allods online
Post on Sat Apr 24, 2010 6:44 pm by Mo-Luhin
Guys is the penalty stat still in a game?
Re: Allods online
Post on Mon Apr 26, 2010 1:17 am by WarMir
I think so, i heard that in russian they remove/removed FoD but they add/added other nasty things on FoDs place.
Re: Allods online
Post on Mon Apr 26, 2010 2:01 pm by Shekk
Well something has to be sold at insane prices so the devs get paid and publishers can keep snorting cocaine off the tits of high society escorts :)
Re: Allods online
Post on Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:30 pm by WarMir
Shekk wrote:
Well something has to be sold at insane prices so the devs get paid and publishers can keep snorting cocaine off the tits of high society escorts :)

damn it sound tasty
Re: Allods online
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Allods online

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