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 atlantica online same as final fantasy

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Postatlantica online same as final fantasy

hi just want to introduced to you guys this games atlantica online

Official Link:
Atlantica Websites

Official Forum:

Atlantica Forum

Game Download:
Download Page

IGN Skawai

server sikyon artilerry

level 50
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atlantica online same as final fantasy :: Comments

Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:54 am by Yao
Atlantica is a good game too. I tried it awhile back when they had the OB promotion.
Anyone else playing this game?
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:54 am by DizordA
Looks nice...
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Wed Nov 19, 2008 7:22 am by rinmotoka
so many games so little time...

I would like to find a game that will fit us all and we will play it all again
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Wed Nov 19, 2008 9:08 am by kawaii87
u will be addicted in this game

guaranteed 100%
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Sat Dec 20, 2008 3:07 am by kawaii87
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Fri Apr 24, 2009 1:25 am by WarMir
I just dl this....
Who play nad where ? Basketball
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Fri Apr 24, 2009 3:05 am by _Angelica_
Come to Sikyon server. kawaii87 (skawai in AO) and myself (ArchArtemis in AO) are here in the Guild "They call me".

I can't say that it's like the old FF games because i played only one and this one is simmilar but not very much imo...
The market is the way i like a market in a mmorpg. You put things on sale and then you can go to wherever you want (you can even log off because to sell the items you don't have to be online or in the respective city)... Most of the time i sell stuff in max 30 minutes (you get a message that the item x was sold).

I think that Morpgeus described this game pretty good... Look here: http://www.mmorpg.com/discussion2.cfm/thread/233360/For-new-wouldbe-players-systems-and-elements-of-Atlantica.html
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Fri Apr 24, 2009 4:22 am by WarMir
I have some Windows Vista problem with patcher (gee i just wanted to try Vista and iam stuck cuz of thinking about all of reinstall to XP... find drivers etc.)
Now iam dl patch manually.
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Fri Apr 24, 2009 5:48 am by _Angelica_
try puting the atlantica patcher on your safe list in your firewall.

Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:32 am by WarMir
I done more... i just disabled all non Microsoft services by msconfig...
of koz i reinstalled etc... now dl all patches manually...

I have "Programm stopped working" msg
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Fri Apr 24, 2009 1:02 pm by WarMir
Ok iam there Nick :
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Fri Jul 03, 2009 4:56 am by _Angelica_
So... there is really no Destiny member (except one) interested in a MMOPRG that has TBS combat? Are there no FF7-FF8, Heroes 1-5, players arround? This game is great and i love it so much and i just can't believe that there is only one member who like this kind of game (revolutionary game style).
Anyway... there is a new contest (just to show you how popular this game is and how much profit this F2P game makes because so many ppl play it) and some the LITTLE prices are 5 PS3 80GB, 5 DSIs, 5 Geforce GTX 295cards, 5 23" LCDs, 5 Alienware 750i PCs... The main price is A CAR!!!!!! All you have to do is stay loged in the game for 1 hour daily and you'll get a key. You right click this key and on the site you get a point which you can use to open one of 3 boxes. Every box has something in it (scrolls, mounts, vials and various valuable items). Players must be 20+ (can be done in ~4-6 hours).

Link to the event site:

And just a typ for those who think of downloading it: use the mirror site from ORPG. I never had any problems when i dl/ed there and the download was fast (~1-2 MB/s). The file has ~2.5 GB.

There is a patch every ~1-2 months and it's ~600-750 MB big. ~4-7 MB patches happen every 1-2 weeks. There are 5 Servers and their are very crowded but without having lag problems. The servers are in california but i from Romania have no problem, not even in PVPs. Crowded servers means many online ppl and this also means that you can get rid of your stuff very fast (there is a general market in every town and ppl from Paris can buy the stuff that you put on sale on Tokyo).
A guy left some of his thoughts about the positive aspects of the game on a forum and i'm gonna quote him a bit:

Quote :

Played 45+ MMORPG so far. Does not ever mean I am right; I may have a bit of context Wink.
In Atlantica, the start of the game nearly made me uninstall 3x in first 5 days. Took me nearly a week to get to lvl 5. I was unimpressed. Weak front end, in my view.
Then I got it.
Oh boy, but all the systems in this game. At first I only noticed (do not even register it anymore and it is in fact quite handy) a scrolling advert-text (personal, not game-initiated). Did not like it.
Then I suddenly noticed various menus. Could not make too much of many of them but lots of info and things to do apparently. I got into it enough to get through the newbie area, liked the boss fights. Went to Beijing, got interested in all the town things you can do. Did the quests there then went over the Great Wall of China to Shanghai and well to make a long story short…I am level 97 and never had more fun in the game than right now.
I have never seen a better tested more extensive (at launch) game so far. EQ2 and CoX and such are about as diverse but…count the updates. They have been at it for 4 years. This game is about half a year old.
New patch today, 622MB.
Oh and if they screw up with their opening estimate, at least they got a sense of humor about it: ‘Maintenance on April. 21 [Extended Extension Extended]’.

Just fyi (so you know I am not just theorizing) I am at 77% wins in the Free League. I was never, ever, and still am not a PvP oriented person but in this game you have no risk/losses from duelling in the (have to apply; it’s 100% consensual) server-inititiated (semi)random-enemy (or challenges for that matter) FL battles. They are a fun diversion and oh boy, do they pay off in both rewards and learning.
Mind you I am not a phat loot kinda guy but I cannot deny the usefulness of a full set of good armor, rings, weapons, and most of all skills and such (magic skills essential, also to melee toons). I care not for xp gold or levels but I like progress…and would rather stay alive.

So, here is a list, hopefully of some interest for peeps who want to know just what you find in the game. My problem is I can list what I can think of (it will be far from complete) but I cannot explain them all.
There are just too many; post is long enough as it is.
So ask for specific info - that is why I number them. Hopefully someone will answer your query :).

Let me explain one essential thing at some length.
The game has a pretty bad ‘front end’ because you cannot customize much in your look, nor do the surroundings appear to be very captivating.
In a specific game I will not name I could spend hours on making a face/body and had virtually no choice in what my character could actually do (class, skills, etc).
Lack of character choices: I am in fact in a major beta right now where this is also true.
I always say the last thing I want to play is a human (try that every day in RL) and the last place I want to play is Earth (since I have been there).
Now for the good part.
This game gives a very high diversity/complexity in your actual abilities. Different ‘main’ character types (quite a few and growing). Different skills (Staff: Nuke and/or Heal and more). Then you have 8 mercenaries when you’ve ‘grown up’. Team of 9. Simple basic abilities for each of them…but do the math on 9x small skillset vs 1x more extensive. Keep in mind you get new merctypes you can replace for others.
Then: a world is a living thing; you have to get into it. This is most certainly true of Atlantica. Once you run from Paris to London and see things like the Channel Tunnel you will know what I mean.

I have two favorite games MMORPG for combat: CoX; this is not a clickfest. Even the simplest combat is partially unpredictable (random enemy reactions etc.).
Atlantica Online: turn-based and you have to play this to know how it works I think. Even to a HOMM player I cannot quite explain. But it is free to play (never spent more money on a game yet, actually, but you do not need to spend a dime!).
I just like to encourage good dev teams - and I like my Snow Tiger Razz.

So - a short list of things Atlantica has. What I can tell you is that virtually nothing is quite the same as in other MMORPG.
1) All kinds of mythologies and themes combined; several thousand BC to around 1850 or so AD.
2) One major interconnected solo quest arc all through the game, with side quests.
3) Walk from Vancouver through Europe to Tokyo. Or TP of course :).
4) Quite a few different and unique (Hell Horse, Mercury rider) mounts; no quests for them (buy-only atm; in-game or otherwise).
5) Max party size = 3, and you only have to party for Shadow Dungeons (special mercenary questlines mostly; like 22 quests for your Exorcist, archangel Michael).
6) Tutorial quests persistent throughout game I got one at 90+ taught me something very useful.
7) Guild and Nation (combined guilds) systems.
8 ) Guild and Nation Dungeons.
9) Individual Dungeons (level 90+ is the first one; there are 4) where you have to turn OFF 3 of your mercs.
10) Fame Points and Battle Points linked to FL system.
11) Pointry in Rome/Bazaar will let you turn in riding points, collection points, batttle points, and many more.
12) Referral points.
13) Mentor points (reward not implemented yet).
14) Give-random-gift-to-beginner system (get xp I think).
15) Stamina system (each combat costs 1 Stam but you get a lot back and can get it as reward etc.). You can in fact reduce cost to 0.5 or even 0.33 Stam if you party.
16) Mail system with max of 1 attachment/mail.
17) Sometimes the Devs give out presents.
18) License system: Patrol License, Health Check Lic, Teleport, Auto-Battle - too many to mention.
19) Travel system between cities (must have been to once to use).
20) Willpower system - you can use Will for many things and it slowly regenerates.

Last edited by _Angelica_ on Fri Jul 03, 2009 10:02 am; edited 2 times in total
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Fri Jul 03, 2009 4:57 am by _Angelica_
Quote :
21) Food & Drink will give back health/mana instantly. 10 Will/use though.
22) Crafting system where you do not have any workstations but get ingredients and work off your ‘workload’ by fighting or auto-crafting or reading books (requires Will).
23) Info Sharing system: share Crafting info (when you get a level, need to get a teacher to actually get it) and Monster Info.
24) Monster Info Sharing: Basic info (gives atk/def bonus 10%), Location info (gives auto-move-to ability) and Item info (increase drop amount but not drop %)
25) Auto-Move: click quest, click auto-move: game walks you to detination.
26) Quest Arrow: points to where you want to go. You don’t want to auto-move in busy dungeons 8-).
27) City menu allowing you to visit many things without running around. Rome is the exception.
28) Rome: capital of the world, talk to Caesar to start a nation. Divided into 5 districts. Can TP there after level 20.
29) Challenge System (can set up PvP challenge; private or public).
30) Betting system in Rome (talk to Maximus; put money on say Joan of Arc or Michelangelo - observe the fights to see them go at it).
31) Rent-a-merc system in Rome.
32) Free League semi-random (Divisions) opponent system with excellent rewards and 2 major setups: manual and control-main-only.
33) Auto-Battle system: if you have the license and have fought manual combats, can let the game handle some of your more simple fights for a bit. Ideal if you are in group and have to go AFK - your team keeps fighting. With luck, your fellows heal you Wink.
34) Enchant: combine 2x +3 weapon to get a +4 etc. Max level = +10 so need 1024 +0 items for that unless you get a lucky break (rare).
35) Durability system.
36) Enhance system: go to Vulcanus in Rome to ask him to Enhance your item to the next level. This is kind of 50/50 I think (not sure on exact %’s).
37) Redo charlook system (in Rome).
38) Redo charclass system - have to use Secret Vial of Amnesia.
39) Prestige Class system - only 1 so far: a lvl 100 can start lvl 1 Maniac (PowerSaw; don’t even ask).
40) Magic Skills system - 1 skill point/level. Max skill level = 60. Game goes to lvl 120 (so far; used to be 100).[/size]
41) Bonus points system: each level 1 Bonus Point = one (random…expensive to fix) stat increase by using Growth Vials.
42) Riding point system where you trade in low-level mounts to get a higher-level mount.
43) Collection point system where you put mounts in Mount Book and get Collection points that you can exchange for items etc. (‘When I have all the horses in the world I will start collecting cars’ - that trader is nuts Razz).
44) Bonus Potential system where you can unlock max 30 bonus points per merc (or main). Truth be told for some mercs this is pointless (not enough different skills).
45) Level 100 quests for unique new main-only skill.
46) Main-only major skills in Magic/Melee/Ranged types.
47) Upgrade system for mercs: level 20/50/80/100 you upgrade them. Need specific items to do so. Will change their look and abilities.
48) You can rename your mercs (buy cheapo Blue Quill).
49) You can Store mercs in (perma or temp) Merc Rooms.
50) You can exchange mercs (up to 3 max; choice from max_4) in battle (not in PvP though).
51) Life Potions get your defeated mercs back in action. Cannot use in combat.
52) LDP = Long Distance Party. Get bonus xp from being in party even if far apart. Small xp books too.
53) Wandering NPC’s roam the Earth in 3 types. Craft teachers is one.
54) Another NPC type wandering are Citizens (who might enter a town and start selling stuff) that you can persuade to go to your guild’s town. They give xp if they get there and pay taxes. And leave, if you let them Wink.
55) Wandering Mercenaries finally; you have to give a Greeting (level 30+ this) and then win one over by giving presents.
56) Gamble system: DeMere in Rome may give you a much better type of equipment if you give boxes to him. Or he may give nothing.
57) Box Random Drop system: many items are gained from opening boxes: you can pick & choose for some, get semi-random drops from others. Cannot open more than 350/day or so. That is a lot though.
58) 2 Dungeons just for Rings that only your main toon can use.
59) Guild Crafting.
60) Town Building.
61) Town raising 8-).
62) Bidding system: every 12 days you have to put up Guild Points (GP) to keep the town you have. Others may outbid you.
63) Town Quests: they give GP.
64) Some quests give Nation Points.
65) Training Center where your guild can do Training Runs (basically; whack critters but they increase in level) to get Guild Points.
66) Warehouse in Rome (sort of a bank).
67) Sparring Center in Rome (practise your skills vs. AI controlled merc teams).
68) Scrolls Potions Rings Weapons Armor Mats Books Food Drink Pets Ammo Charms Guardian Stones Cultural Boxes Treasure Maps and a zillion things I cannot mention.
69) Yes there is a market. Works well.
70) Where-is-that-darn-NPC system: go to Bucharest, Livingston: for 1000 gold (not much) he tells you where that pesky NPC is.
71) Cultural Boxes: get box (rare reward) go to Howard. Open box: he will appraise the item. If it is worth anything, you can trade in the item (got 1 hour).
72) Treasure Maps: use map (diff types) get coords (can be anywhere in world for some types) have to get there in 5 mins because then the box appears (have to attack it; can be stolen - but this is rare) and it only stays for 1 minute.
73) Town Control: guilds can control most towns (not Rome). They set tax rates and such, so one town may have a much higher market-cut rate than another, but better banking % (unlikely; the very few greedy guilds are usually greedy across the board).
74) Artisan Location system where you can easily find peeps to teach you crafting. Post craft-level 50 some get unwilling to teach. Find the NPC or a friendly person 8-).
75) Mentor System where the mentor gets points for having an apprentice. Mind you I think the mentors should get duties as well. Too easy to fool a newbie. Fun system though (apprentice reaches 30 = you get 200k gold).
76) Guild Chat Nation Chat Party Chat Peer Chat etc. Peers can be the renowned ‘let’s pick a pointless fight’ place but they are all close to your level (that is how the channel works; you see a level or a few above/below you only) and likely to be on same quests etc.
77) Title Quests: 4 peeps near Athens give you all kinds of horrible (think: badges) quests to get Titles that then, most of them, give very nice temporary (usable once/day for 10 mins to 1 hour I think) bufs.
78) Combo system, including main-combo. You do a particular skill, someone else does a specific skill afterward: special improved combo-skill kicks in. Fun.
79) Age system: after 1 year of real time your mercs will grow old (and useless if I get it right).
80) Independent Merc system: before that year is over, you will easily get a merc up to level 100, and then you can (do not have to) dismiss them. You send them nice letters, they ask for presents, they give things in return.
81) Sealing system: enchant something to +7: it is sealed. Can trade, but not use. If you do use it - can no longer sell it. I used some +7 items. Only way to sell later was to enchant to +8 (sealed again). On the bright side: just sold one for 79 million. Crappy prices these days Wink.
82) Upgrading your mercs will alter their abilities. At level 20, your Shaman will heal a full row; your Archer silence a full row.
83) War system: if Nations (you do not need to be in one) go to War horrible things can happen. I like the peace we have.
84) King’s Judgement system: sounds odd; a Guild Leader can try to whack someone and take an item (not your mount or something like that though). But in effect it is mostly used to kill bots & macroers Very Happy.
85) Did I mention you have to solo the solo-quest boss fights? You get a nice timer, too (5 minutes). Do not dally! Can do all other quests with friends though (well fighting quests that is).
86) Item Mall where you can get all types of items for real life money. I am not saying you should use it. Just saying it is there. You can get boxes that you then transfer to a character in-game for instance. The drop will be random (from most boxes). If you do not like the result, you mostly can choose something useful as alternative (but not quite up there with Armed Mount). I would say some things like Perma Inventory License (I have 4) are rather expensive at 15 dollars/each. Some other items are nice-price.
87) Major updates to the game we are getting the 3rd one today I think. These are not small affairs they introduce whole continents, dungeons, cities, NPC’s etc.
88) Bonus loot system in Free League: there is a small chance you actually (apart from all other rewards which are significant) get a (+0; existing bonus will disappear) bonus (duplicate; owner loses nothing) item off of a dead opponent’s mercenary in the FL.
89) Auction House: Sotheby’s in Rome allows you to auction (different from market) specific items.
90) Barter house in town gives specific items.
91) Hospital will cure your mercs or sell medicine, etc.
92) Trade Posts allow you to buy/sell & make a tidy profit.
93) Inventory bonususus if you are in a guild, and more if your guild runs a town (quickslots 2 basic, 3 with guild, 5 with town).
94) In-game Guild Ad system where you can find a guild to your liking.
95) Personal Ads system where you pay a small amount to get your text in-screen.
96) Set-up-shop system where you can just offer items for sale on your person that others can buy - can set an Ad text floating over your head.
97) Observation system where you get rewards (do not need to fight; this is unrelated to arena betting btw) for just watching FL battles. Max 10 rewards/day.
98) Goncourt is an NPC that walks around lets you trade one type of book for another type of book. Too much to get into - at any time of day he will have an interesting following. I once Goncourted for 3 days.
99) Weekly Championship system. Also as of today, the Titan server allows peeps from all servers to come over there and ‘meet’ (think it is more: whack; not sure though!).
100) Goonzu world. Hell’s bell’s they just put it in I have no clue what it even does but a) theme park b) NPC’s to get quests from c) tokens as reward to do in Goonzu World whatever the hell it is you do in Goonzu world. 90+ I think.

There, 100 elements/systems. If that does not do it I give up.
I could probably think of another 100 but who wants to think on a Wednesday :).

Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Fri Jul 03, 2009 6:15 am by WarMir
Yup, Atlantica is AWESOME.
Ndoors Company that develop this Game is very good... even patch notes are so detailed ..... Very Happy
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Fri Jul 03, 2009 12:56 pm by DizordA
No that you mentioned the heroes games...(Although only 1-3 is good)

Ive completly forgot this game since the time this game was introduced to me I were heavily addicted to 9d.

So maybe Ill give it a try... and Turn based was my favorite style of game play in the past.
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Sat Jul 04, 2009 9:53 am by _Angelica_
if you chose to play it, you could come to the sikyon server to meet me (ArchArtemis or my noob char bigbum) and WarMir (and his char is easier to remember being also WarMir).
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:07 am by _Angelica_
funny thing... i just created a guild with my level 47 axe alt... So... after this server is open for more than 1 Year, it seems that noone had the idea to create a DESTINY guild... i tried and it works... Now i have a level 3 guild called Destiny. ArchAngely is the only member of this guild for the moment :)
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Sat Jul 11, 2009 6:34 am by WarMir
So We need a Town now ? Very Happy
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Sat Jul 11, 2009 9:49 pm by _Angelica_
DEstiny has ~6-8 guild points atm... for a town we would need ~100k Razz
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Tue Aug 11, 2009 1:01 am by _Angelica_
i didn't won any of the prices from the contest
BUT i'm still in the cards for the car :)
War, did you won anything? I haven't seen you arround for months...
Satan, did you give it a try? How do you like it?
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Tue Aug 11, 2009 2:27 am by DizordA
Didnt have the time...

Im trying to get a job right now and that takes most of the time and before that I were training for a competition 3-4 days training each day then only eat and sleep the rest of the day... Unfortunately it got cancelled.

So I dont have alot of time right now...
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Tue Aug 11, 2009 9:13 am by WarMir
_Angelica_ wrote:

War, did you won anything?

I got something but i ddnt checked it out yet...
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Thu Aug 13, 2009 1:07 am by kawaii87
well i already sold my char

this games really need a "good eq" and "good item mall user"
just saying good luck
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Fri Aug 14, 2009 1:49 am by _Angelica_

If this game didn't already had good item mall users they couldn't make this mega event (and the ones before this one). They are giving away stuff worth ~$35.000. OK... maybe not them directly but still, I didn't saw any game before with this prices (I know that I don't play many games so I might have missed such event...).
Regarding item mall advantages, what can I say... In PVE you'll definitely see the huge boost but in PVP there is no direct influence. There are blessing licenses which boost the att, the def and the xp, mounts and decorations which make the main char stronger, teleportation licenses which help allot to not waste time traveling, stones to enhance your gear with less chances of failure (even though 9D users won't say that 50% failure chance is high) and other stuff which helps you level faster. All these can be sold in the market which makes the item mall user much richer than the non-paying users. Is this unfair? Hell, no! They are paying for this game and without them this game would be around anymore. They are actually spending real money and deserve an advantage over those who are spending nothing in order to keep the game alive. I count myself in the last mentioned group (I haven't spend a dime on this game but I enjoy it without feeling envy on the item mall users). In the Free League (every 3 hours there's an organized PVP competition where you can get fame, items and experience; you lose NOTHING!!!) the + of the equipment is nearly nullified (1/4) and all that matters is the tier of the equip and not the grade of it. I'm sure that even without spending anything on the item mall you are able to get the equip with +0. I am level 76 now and I have millions since the '60s. I see on forums and in game ppl complaining that they have no money at the mid/high levels and I just can't understand them… If you take your time, enjoying this game and it's every feature it's impossible (from my point of view) to not have at least 50 mil past level 60. Specialize in some crafts and you'll have a nice regular income. I'm a level 60 crystal crafter and it was good till a months or so. I had sometimes ~400 millions and I was in my '60s!!! Now crystals don't sell well and I wait for the market to recover (have in my inventory 120 phoenix soul crystals). I'll try machine craft and armor, maybe I can recover with that but I don't see the world as dark as you did kawaii87. Sorry that you're not in atlantica anymore. Been missing you since the "They call me" days…
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Fri Aug 14, 2009 2:26 am by kawaii87
hurm still any DESTINY play? well i just see they complain about dmf and many things including witch
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Fri Aug 14, 2009 3:23 am by _Angelica_
no... i'm a casual player (because of wife and kids, i can play jsut on Fridays and Saturdays for ~2-4 hours each time). Warmir is cought up in JD afaik and satan wants to play but has no time for it just now...
btw, i'm glad you're back on this forum again :)
I don't check the official forum. I don't like official forums... i check only the AOP forum (fansite) when i have some time and from work i check the mmoprg forum oregarding atlantica.
What's wrong with the witch?
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Fri Aug 14, 2009 5:55 am by kawaii87
meteor strike

if mobs gang on 3
and ur just one
at 3rd round u already have no people
and witch cast meteor on 4rth round
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Fri Aug 14, 2009 6:08 am by _Angelica_
oh man... that's when you relly so much on witch... i usually have an arti which reduces ~1430 def right now... At level 100+ it will reduce 2120 def. This helps allot (not to mention the DOT). A viking with it's freezing axe is also gold for disabling, Archer for spiking/silencing, BT for good axe dmg or aoe, prophet for pasive healing and damage reduction, monk and oracle for healing/awakening and scroll using... Cannoneer for further damage reduction... What can i say? There are so many possibilities and everyone likes a different formation (because there seems to not be a best formation). Party play is highly reccomended by the game's design in many places (maybe where you were also), especially in shadow dungeons.
And regarding the witch... She would be too strong IMO if she would cast the shower on the 3rd round and in your formation would be an Exorcist with it's speed cast...
Re: atlantica online same as final fantasy
Post on Fri Sep 04, 2009 7:34 am by kawaii87
if i wanna join back with my new char
who should i contact? gmt +8

atlantica online same as final fantasy

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