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9D Revival - DESTINY returns to 9Dragons in play 9D
Fri Dec 07, 2012 11:24 pm by Xs
DESTINY has returned to 9Dragons and like always we will stay true to our mission

Our main focus is making friends, world domination is a close 2nd priority

and yes, we dominate!

To help our team prosper in the game the DESTINY forums now has a dedicated options for our play9D members.

1. New play9D Groups

You can identify our Play9D members by the Green color of their profile names. I thought we'd go blue but the Acclaim 9D members kinda reserved that ages ago and tend to get bitchy if that is taken away from them :P

There is a group for members of play9D and a group for the Leaders of play9D. WolfCry is the Group Mod for both the groups. If anyone wants to join the group, please feel free to poke him.
p.s. you need to be a member of play9D to be able to join the group.

2. New play9D Section
There are new forums sections for play9D members, which only they can see and post in. We're going the traditional route at this point, General, bosses, dungeons and absences. More sections will be added as and when the leaders of play9D DESTINY require it :)

3. And most importantly, all profiles have a new field to fill in the IGN for play9D ... to fill it simple go to your profile to edit it or click here to edit your profile scroll down and add your IGN to your profile :)

To see what it looks like I've edited wolfcrys profile.

And now back to having fun

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